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Tom Brady Strain Review

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General Characteristic 

The Tom Brady strain, named after the iconic NFL quarterback, is a unique cannabis variety that has piqued the interest of many due to its distinctive name and purported effects. While its genetic lineage remains a mystery, the strain has been rumoured to offer a balanced high, much like the balanced gameplay of its namesake. As we delve deeper into this strain, we’ll explore its characteristics, effects, and more. Our store, Highvendor, is proud to feature the Tom Brady strain, and we offer complimentary shipping to all states.

Tom Brady Strain Info 

The Tom Brady strain, often called the “quarterback of cannabis,” is a hybrid that has garnered significant attention in the cannabis community. Its genetic lineage remains somewhat enigmatic, but it’s believed to have roots in both Indica and Sativa strains, providing a balanced high that appeals to a broad spectrum of users.

The strain boasts a THC content of 18% to 24%, making it potent yet approachable. This range ensures that newcomers to cannabis and seasoned veterans can enjoy its effects without feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, its CBD content, though on the lower side, complements the THC, providing a rounded experience that’s both cerebral and physically relaxing.

In terms of appearance, the Tom Brady strain showcases dense, resinous buds that shimmer with a coat of crystalline trichomes. The vibrant green of the buds is occasionally streaked with deep purple, a testament to its rich cannabinoid and terpene profile. When broken apart, these buds release a complex aroma: a dominant earthy base complemented by undertones of citrus and a hint of pine reminiscent of a forest after a rain.

Flavor-wise, users can expect a delightful experience. The initial taste is a sweet, fruity burst, followed by the more grounded flavours of wood and earth, and finishing with a slight tanginess that lingers on the palate.

History of Creation

Much like the legendary quarterback it’s named after, the Tom Brady strain has a history that intrigues many. While the exact origins of this strain remain a topic of debate among cannabis enthusiasts, it’s widely believed that its creation was inspired by the desire to blend the best attributes of classic strains with the nuances of modern cannabis genetics.

The strain’s parentage is a well-guarded secret, but some speculate it might have roots in strains known for their robust effects and rich flavour profiles. The meticulous breeding process behind the Tom Brady strain aimed to achieve a unique combination of potency, flavour, and aroma. Through careful selection, stabilization, and cultivation, breeders achieved a strain that offers a consistent and memorable experience.

Its rise in popularity can be attributed not just to its name but also to its exceptional quality. As it made its way through the cannabis community, word of mouth about its balanced effects and delightful flavour spread, making it a must-try for many.


Online cannabis platforms and forums are abuzz with discussing the Tom Brady strain. Users often share their experiences, highlighting its balanced effects, delightful aroma, and the sense of relaxation it offers. Many appreciate its ability to deliver a potent high without overwhelming sedation, making it suitable for daytime and evening use.

Cannabis dispensaries have taken note of its rising demand, with many ensuring they have ample stock to cater to their clientele. Its appeal isn’t limited to a specific demographic; seasoned cannabis users and novices have admired the Tom Brady strain.

Its popularity isn’t just based on user testimonials. The strain has garnered attention at cannabis events and has been featured in several cannabis publications, further validating its quality and appeal.

The buzz around the Tom Brady strain is a testament to its quality. It’s not just a strain with a catchy name; it delivers an experience many users find memorable and worth repeating.

Growing and Cultivation Conditions

Growing the Tom Brady strain requires some expertise, but cultivators can expect a rewarding yield with the right conditions and care. Here’s a detailed guide on the ideal cultivation conditions for this strain:

  • Seeds: It’s essential to procure Tom Brady seeds from a trusted source to ensure genuine genetics and a healthy growth cycle.
  • Climate: Tom Brady prefers a Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm days and cool nights. However, it’s adaptable and can thrive in various conditions as long as they’re not extreme.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor: This strain can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Indoor cultivation allows for better control over environmental factors, ensuring a consistent growth pattern. Protecting the plants from extreme weather conditions and pests is vital if grown outdoors.
  • Soil: A well-draining soil enriched with organic matter is ideal for Tom Brady. Regularly amending the soil with compost or organic fertilizers can boost its nutrient content, promoting robust growth.
  • Watering: Consistent watering is crucial, but overwatering can be detrimental. The soil should be kept moist but not soggy. A drip irrigation system can help maintain optimal moisture levels.
  • Flowering Time: The Tom Brady strain typically flowers within 8 to 10 weeks. Monitoring the plants closely during this period ensures they receive adequate nutrients and light.
  • Yield: The Tom Brady strain can produce a generous yield with proper care. Indoor cultivation can yield approximately 500-600 grams per square meter, while outdoor cultivation can have around 600-700 grams per plant, depending on conditions.
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: While the Tom Brady strain has moderate resistance to common pests and diseases, regular monitoring and preventive measures can ensure a healthy crop.

Cultivating the Tom Brady strain can be a rewarding experience for both novice and experienced growers. Its robust genetics and appealing characteristics make it a worthy addition to any garden.


Tom Brady is known as a strain for its balanced effects catering to recreational and medicinal users. Here’s a breakdown of the potential effects one might experience:

  • Balanced High: Being a hybrid, Tom Brady offers a harmonious blend of cerebral and physical effects. This makes it suitable for various activities, whether relaxing or doing some work.
  • Mood Enhancement: Many users report an uplifted mood shortly after consumption. This is accompanied by a gentle euphoria that can make mundane tasks more enjoyable.
  • Relaxation: Despite its uplifting effects, Tom Brady also provides soothing relaxation, especially in the body. This makes it ideal for evening use or after a long day.
  • Creativity Boost: Some users have noted enhanced creativity after consuming this strain. This makes it a favourite among artists, writers, and other creative professionals.
  • Increased Focus: Apart from the relaxation and mood upliftment, Tom Brady can also enhance focus, making it easier to concentrate on tasks.
  • Appetite Stimulation: Like many cannabis strains, Tom Brady can also stimulate appetite, making it useful for those experiencing a lack of appetite.

It’s essential to note that cannabis effects can vary from person to person. Factors like individual tolerance, dosage, and consumption methods can influence the experience. Always start with a small dose, especially if you’re new to the strain, and adjust based on your comfort level.

Flavor and Aroma

The Tom Brady strain, while named after a legendary quarterback, brings its unique flair to the cannabis world through its flavour and aroma profile:


  • Sweetness: One of the dominant flavours that users often report is a sweet undertone, which makes for a pleasant smoking or vaping experience.
  • Earthy: This strain also has an earthy taste reminiscent of its natural origins and the rich soils in which it grows.
  • Woody: Some users have also detected a woody note, adding depth to its flavour profile.


  • Pungent: Upon opening a container of Tom Brady, the first thing that hits you is its intense aroma, a testament to its potency.
  • Citrusy: There’s a hint of citrus in its scent, making it refreshing and invigorating.
  • Herbaceous: A subtle aroma in the background, reminiscent of fresh herbs.

Its flavour and aroma make Tom Brady a treat for the senses. Whether smoking, vaping, or using it in edibles, you’re in for a multi-layered experience that tantalizes the taste buds and invigorates the olfactory senses.

Personal Experience with Tom Brady Strain

happy man high on weed Tom Brady Strain

It was a sunny afternoon when I decided to try the Tom Brady strain for the first time. Having heard so much about its unique flavour profile and potent effects, I was eager to experience it firsthand. I gathered a group of friends, and we enjoyed it on my patio overlooking the city.

Upon opening the container, the pungent aroma immediately filled the air, hinting at the powerful experience that awaited us. The buds were dense and beautifully trimmed, with a layer of trichomes that glistened in the sunlight.

As we lit up, the first drag delivered a burst of flavours – the sweetness, the earthiness, and a hint of woodiness. It was a delightful combination that made us all appreciate this strain’s craftsmanship.

Within minutes, the effects started to kick in. A wave of relaxation washed over us, and the conversations flowed effortlessly. We found ourselves diving deep into topics, laughing at the smallest things, and genuinely enjoying each other’s company. The cerebral effects were evident as we felt our creativity surge; some even started sketching and writing.

As the evening approached, the relaxing effects deepened, and a sense of contentment settled in. The Tom Brady strain lived up to its reputation, delivering a balanced, uplifting and calming high.

Rating for Tom Brady Strain:

  • Aroma: 9/10 – The scent is distinctively aromatic with a mix of earthy undertones, making it immediately recognizable.
  • Flavour: 8.5/10 – A delightful combination of sweet and woody flavours that linger on the palate.
  • Effects: 9/10 – Balanced and potent, it offers cerebral stimulation and deep relaxation.
  • Appearance: 8.5/10 – Dense buds covered in trichomes, showcasing their quality and potency.
  • Overall Experience: 8.8/10 – A top-tier strain that delivers on all fronts, making it a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts.

Where to Buy Tom Brady Strain?

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