Weed Delivery

Same Day Recreational Weed Delivery

Weed delivery in the US is legal in just a few states. With the rise of legal cannabis use, local delivery is becoming a hugely sought-after service. Many people would opt for door-to-door delivery instead of visiting a local legal cannabis storefront. The convenience can’t be beat! Especially with a service like bud.com’s weed delivery locator where you simply type in your zip and you see what types of cannabis products can be brought to your location with just a few clicks.

On-Demand or Scheduled Medical Cannabis Delivery

Some medical cannabis patients are deep in chronic pain and recovery. Medical cannabis delivery is especially helpful for these patients who can not travel lightly. In some states caregivers can be authorized to receive cannabis delivery on a patient’s behalf.

Not every state with medical cannabis access permits delivery. If delivery is illegal that forces patients or caregivers out of the care context to travel some distance to secure medicine. In states where medical cannabis delivery is legal, the convenience is appreciated.

The United States of Marijuana Delivery Options