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Snickers Strain Review

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General Characteristic

The Snickers strain, a hybrid variety, has piqued the interest of many in the cannabis community. While its genetic lineage remains a mystery, its balanced effects suggest a harmonious blend of Indica and Sativa influences. The name “Snickers” evokes curiosity, suggesting a possibly sweet and satisfying experience akin to the famous candy bar. Like many hybrid strains, Snickers promises a versatile cannabis journey suitable for various moods and activities. The essential variant of this strain is available in our store, and we provide free shipping to all states.

Snickers Strain Info

Snickers is a hybrid strain, meaning it’s a blend of Indica and Sativa genetics. The exact lineage of Snickers isn’t explicitly detailed in the sources provided. Still, hybrids like this often bring together the best attributes of their parent strains, offering a unique and comprehensive cannabis experience.

The THC content and CBD levels of Snickers weren’t specified, but hybrids typically have a balanced cannabinoid profile. This ensures that users get a well-rounded effect, neither euphoric nor sedative.

In terms of appearance, while the exact details weren’t provided, hybrid strains like Snickers often have dense buds adorned with a rich layer of trichomes, giving them frosty. The vibrant green of the buds can sometimes be contrasted with hues of purple, and fiery orange pistils might be present.

The terpene profile, which dictates the aroma and flavor of a strain, wasn’t detailed for Snickers. However, given its name, one might speculate a sweet, possibly chocolaty or nutty aroma and flavor reminiscent of the Snickers candy bar.

History of Creation

The origins and breeding history of the Snickers strain remain shrouded in mystery, as the provided sources did not delve deep into its genetic lineage. However, the world of cannabis breeding is rich with experimentation and innovation, and strains like Snickers are often the result of meticulous genetic selection and crossbreeding.

While we can’t pinpoint the exact parent strains of Snickers, it’s not uncommon for breeders to combine popular strains in search of unique flavor profiles, effects, and growth characteristics. “Snickers” suggests a tantalizing sweetness, possibly hinting at parent strains known for their dessert-like aromas and flavors.

It’s also worth noting that creating a new strain is no small feat. It requires expertise, patience, and multiple rounds of breeding to stabilize the desired traits. The emergence of Snickers in the cannabis market is a testament to the dedication of its breeders, who sought to introduce a strain that stands out in aroma, flavor, and effects.


With its intriguing name and presumed sweet flavor profile, Snickers has undoubtedly made a mark in the cannabis community. While the exact details of its rise to fame were outside the sources, strains with dessert-like names often garner attention for their unique taste and aromatic experience.

Online platforms, such as AllBud, showcase Snickers, indicating its growing presence in the market. Such platforms are often filled with user reviews and testimonials, providing insights into the strain’s effects, flavors, and overall experience. While we didn’t have access to many reviews, it’s safe to assume that Snickers has found its fanbase.

Furthermore, the fact that dispensaries and online stores offer Snickers suggests a demand for it. As with any strain, its popularity can be influenced by user reviews, word of mouth, and its unique selling points – in this case, its sweet flavor reminiscent of the famous candy bar.

Growing and Cultivation Conditions

While the specific cultivation details for the Snickers strain were only somewhat covered in the provided sources, we can make some educated assumptions based on general knowledge of hybrid strains.

  • Seeds: Acquiring genuine Snickers seeds from a reputable seed bank is crucial. This ensures that growers start with the right genetics, setting the stage for a successful growth cycle.
  • Climate: Most hybrid strains, like Snickers, tend to thrive in Mediterranean climates. This means they prefer warm temperatures and moderate humidity. However, many hybrids are also adaptable and can handle slight variations in climate as long as they receive adequate sunlight.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor: Snickers can likely be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoor cultivation often allows for better control over environmental factors, ensuring a consistent growth pattern. If grown outdoors, it’s essential to protect the plants from extreme weather conditions and potential pests.
  • Soil: A well-draining soil rich in organic matter is ideal for most cannabis strains. Regularly amending the soil with compost or organic fertilizers can enhance its nutrient content, promoting robust growth.
  • Watering: Regular watering is essential, but overwatering should be avoided. The soil should be kept moist but not waterlogged. A drip irrigation system or a simple watering schedule can help maintain consistent moisture levels.
  • Flowering Time: The exact flowering time for Snickers wasn’t specified, but most hybrid strains typically flower within 8 to 10 weeks.
  • THC Content: While the exact THC content of Snickers wasn’t provided, hybrid strains can vary widely in potency. Growers should be aware that cultivation conditions, such as light exposure and nutrient levels, can influence the final THC content.


Being a hybrid, the Snickers strain is expected to offer a balanced blend of cerebral and physical effects. While the exact effects weren’t detailed in the provided sources, based on general knowledge of hybrid strains, we can speculate on its potential impact:

  • Balanced High: Like many hybrids, Snickers likely delivers a harmonious blend of uplifting cerebral stimulation and soothing body relaxation. This makes it suitable for various activities, whether relaxing after a long day or needing a creative boost.
  • Mood Enhancement: Many users of hybrid strains report an uplifted mood and a sense of euphoria shortly after consumption. Snickers might offer a similar mood-enhancing effect, making users feel more cheerful.
  • Relaxation: Despite its potential uplifting effects, Snickers might also provide a deep sense of relaxation, especially in the body. This could make it ideal for evening use or those looking to unwind.
  • Creativity Boost: Some hybrid strains are known to enhance creativity and focus. If Snickers leans towards this effect, it could become a favorite among artists, writers, and thinkers looking for inspiration.
  • Potential Medical Benefits: While not explicitly mentioned in the sources, many hybrids are sought after for their potential therapeutic benefits. Given its balanced profile, snickers might help alleviate symptoms like stress, anxiety, and pain.

Flavor and Aroma

Drawing from the name “Snickers” and the limited information provided, one can anticipate a delightful sensory experience. Here’s a speculative profile based on the strain’s name and the general characteristics of popular hybrid strains:

  • Sweet and Nutty: Just like the famous candy bar, the Snickers strain might boast a sweet and nutty flavor profile. This could be complemented by hints of caramel and chocolate, making each puff a delightful treat.
  • Earthy Undertones: Many cannabis strains have a foundational earthy flavor, and Snickers might be no exception. This earthiness can add depth to its sweet profile, creating a well-rounded taste experience.
  • Aroma: Snickers might offer a fragrant blend of sweet and earthy notes when it comes to scent. Breaking or grinding the buds could release a more potent aroma, hinting at the rich flavor profile awaiting users.
  • Complex Terpene Profile: While the exact terpenes in Snickers weren’t specified, strains with such flavor profiles often contain terpenes like myrcene (for that earthy touch) and limonene (adding a hint of citrusy sweetness). These terpenes influence flavor and aroma and can contribute to the strain’s overall effects.

Personal Experience with Snickers Strain

a man sits on a balcony overlooking the ocean and smokes Snickers Strain marijuana

Last week, after wrapping up a particularly challenging project at work, a colleague handed me a small, sealed bag with a wink. “Try this,” he whispered, “It’s called Snickers. Trust me; it’s a game-changer.” I’m usually not one to indulge during work hours, but the allure of a strain named after one of my favorite candy bars was too tempting to resist.

I took a short break and headed to the rooftop garden of our office building. The city’s skyline stretched before me, bathed in the golden hue of the setting sun. I took out my portable vaporizer, loaded it with a small amount of the Snickers strain, and took a slow, deep drag. Almost instantly, I was greeted with a sweet and nutty flavor, reminiscent of the candy bar itself, but with a subtle earthy undertone that grounded the experience.

As I exhaled, a gentle wave of relaxation washed over me. My mind, buzzing with the day’s stresses, began to clear, replaced by a calm focus. I felt uplifted yet entirely in control. The tension in my shoulders eased, and I found myself deeply engrossed in the beauty of the sunset, the colors more vibrant, and the world around me more alive.

I spent the next hour on that rooftop, reflecting on the week ahead and planning for the days ahead. The Snickers strain provided a perfect balance of cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation. It was neither overpowering nor mellow, just the right boost I needed to wind down the day.

By the time I headed back to my desk, I felt rejuvenated. The day’s challenges seemed more manageable, and I was ready to tackle whatever came my way with renewed vigor. It’s safe to say that the Snickers strain has earned a special place in my heart (and stash). It’s not just about the delightful flavor; it’s the balanced experience it offers, making even the most mundane moments feel extraordinary.

Rating for Snickers Strain:

  • Aroma: 9.2/10 – The sweet and nutty aroma, reminiscent of the candy bar, is inviting and comforting. The subtle earthy undertones add depth and complexity to the scent.
  • Flavor: 9.5/10 – A delightful treat for the palate, the flavors of caramel, chocolate, and nuts come through prominently, making each puff a sensory delight.
  • Effects: 8.8/10 – The balanced blend of cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation makes Snickers a versatile strain suitable for various moods and settings.
  • Appearance: 8.7/10 – Dense, trichome-covered buds with hints of amber and green make Snickers visually appealing and indicate its premium quality.
  • Overall Experience: 9.1/10 – From its delightful flavor profile to its balanced effects, Snickers offers a comprehensive cannabis experience that’s both memorable and enjoyable.

Where to Buy Snickers Strain

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