Baja Blast Strain

Dive into the unique world of Baja Blast, an Indica-dominant hybrid that promises a potent and flavorful journey. Named after the iconic Mountain Dew flavor, this strain offers a tantalizing blend of grapefruit and diesel with sweet undertones, reminiscent of ripe bananas and apples. Its aroma is equally captivating, blending fruity notes with earthy lavender and pine. With a THC concentration reaching up to 28%, Baja Blast guarantees a powerful high, characterized by cerebral euphoria and deep relaxation. Its dense, vibrant green buds, adorned with fiery pistils and a frosty trichome layer, are a testament to its quality and potency. Whether you're an experienced user or a curious enthusiast, Baja Blast is a must-try, now available with free shipping across all states.





3,5g (1/8 Oz), 7g (1/4 Oz), 14g (1/2 Oz), 28g (1 Oz)




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