Trips Ahoy | Crunchy Cookies | 500mg

End the search for the perfect snack with Trips Ahoy edible crunchy cookies! Infused with THC, our cookies are sure to satisfy your cravings while providing you with an enjoyable experience. Uplifting and elevating, these delicious treats provide satisfying flavor in every bite. With 10mg of THC per cookie, you can easily customize your dosage for a safe and comfortable buzz. Our unique blend of all-natural ingredients includes cinnamon and cacao that not only taste fantastic but also have many important health benefits. Feel free to enjoy them anywhere – from cozy movie nights at home to summer chill picnics – with no worries about any unpleasant paranoia after-effects. So grab a few Trips Ahoy edible crunchy cookies - they’ll make just the right snack for anytime enjoyment!





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