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Haupia Strain Review

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General Characteristic

So, here is the haupia weed strain review. This strain is primarily interesting for analysis due to the many varieties with different tastes, properties, and THC content. The most basic option can be found in our store. Free shipping is available to all states.

Haupia Strain Info

What strain is Haupia – indica or sativa?

Haupia is a balanced hybrid strain, offering the best indica and sativa worlds. Its lineage traces back to Gelato 41 and Sunset Sherbert, with a specific cut of Sunset Sherbert found in Lemon Cherry Gelato. As for its THC content, Haupia is estimated to have a THC percentage ranging from 21% to 24.5%, making it a potent choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

History of creation

The Haupia strain has its genetic roots in Gelato 41 and Sunset Sherbert. The specific cut of Sunset Sherbert used in its lineage is found in Lemon Cherry Gelato. This combination of genetics gives Haupia its unique profile, distinguishing it from other strains in the market.


Haupia has been gaining traction, especially in the cannabis connoisseur circles. Its unique profile and its potent effects have made it a sought-after strain in various dispensaries and online stores.

Growing and Cultivation Conditions

With its genetic lineage tracing back to Lemon Cherry Gelato and Gelato 41, Haupia has specific cultivation needs to bring out its best characteristics.

  • Soil Quality: A well-draining soil rich in organic matter is ideal for Haupia. This ensures the roots receive adequate oxygen and nutrients, promoting healthy growth.
  • Lighting: Like most cannabis strains, Haupia benefits from a consistent light cycle. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, ensuring it receives ample light is crucial for its development.
  • Temperature and Humidity: Maintaining a controlled environment is critical. Haupia thrives in temperatures ranging from 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C). Humidity levels should be kept between 40% to 50% during the flowering phase to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Watering: Regular watering is essential, but it’s crucial not to overwater. The soil should be kept moist but not soggy.
  • Nutrients: Feeding Haupia with a balanced nutrient mix can enhance its growth. However, avoiding over-fertilization is essential, which can harm the plant.
  • Harvesting: The exact flowering time for Haupia isn’t widely documented, but based on its parent strains, it’s likely to be around 8-9 weeks.

It’s worth noting that while Haupia has specific cultivation needs, it’s a resilient strain. With the proper care and attention, growers can expect a bountiful harvest of high-quality buds.


With its balanced hybrid genetics, the Haupia strain offers a unique combination of effects that cater to both the mind and body. Its lineage from Gelato 41 and Sunset Sherbert contributes to a symphony of sensations that can be invigorating and relaxing. Haupia has something to offer, whether you’re looking for a burst of creativity, a moment of introspection, or simply a way to unwind after a long day.

Users of Haupia have reported a range of effects, including:

  • Clear-headedness: Experience the world with a fresh perspective.
  • Boosted creativity: Find inspiration in the most unexpected places.
  • Relaxation: Let go of stress and immerse yourself in the moment.
  • Enhanced focus: Dive deep into tasks without distractions.
  • A sense of euphoria: Elevate your mood and feel a wave of happiness.


The Haupia strain boasts a rich and multifaceted flavor profile that evolves as you savor it. Initially, as you take a hit, the dominant musky lemon and sweet cherry notes envelop the palate, offering a delightful burst of fruity freshness. However, as the session progresses and you exhale, these vibrant flavors mellow, giving way to subtle creamy and earthy undertones that linger, making each puff a unique tasting experience.


The aroma of Haupia is a sensory delight, offering a complex bouquet that tantalizes the olfactory senses. At the forefront, you’ll notice a musty, musky lemon and sweet cherry aroma that’s inviting and intriguing. As you explore further, subtle earthy, herbal, and floral notes emerge, adding depth and richness to the scent, making it a truly memorable olfactory experience.


The appearance of Haupia’s buds is nothing short of stunning, capturing the eye with its visual complexity. The buds are generously covered in trichomes on the surface, giving them a frosty, almost white appearance. However, a closer inspection reveals deep purple and bright green leaves intertwined, creating a beautiful contrast. The dense structure and vibrant colors reflect the strain’s quality and potency, promising an extraordinary smoking experience.


Based on the available information and the genetics of its parent strains, we’ll provide an estimated THC content for each variety of the Haupia strain:

NamePeculiarity (Based on available data)THC Content (%)
Platinum Haupia StrainA collaboration between MountBurnin415 and Shopping Carts 415, known for its frosty jade buds with hints of deep purple.22% – 25%
Mango Haupia StrainA tropical twist on the classic, with a fruity mango overtone.20% – 24%
Bubblegum Haupia StrainSweet and reminiscent of classic bubblegum flavors.20% – 23%
Cotton Candy Haupia StrainA sugary delight with a fluffy texture.19% – 23%
Dirty Haupia StrainKnown for its earthy undertones, adding depth to the flavor profile.21% – 24%
Rainbow Haupia StrainA colorful strain with a mix of fruity flavors.20% – 24%
Strawberry Haupia StrainSweet and tangy with a distinct strawberry flavor.20% – 24%
Tiffany Haupia StrainA rare and premium variety with a luxurious feel.22% – 26%
Watermelon Haupia StrainRefreshing and juicy with a clear watermelon taste.20% – 24%
White Cherry Haupia StrainA lighter strain with a sweet cherry flavor.21% – 25%

How we tested it at Highvendor

Man smokes haupia strain at the sawmill

Man, I must tell you, last week was something else. We had just received a fresh shipment from our partners over in Colorado, and nestled among the usual suspects was this new gem: the Haupia strain. The name alone had me intrigued. I mean, Haupia? Sounds like a tropical vacation in a bud, right?

As I cracked open the packaging, the first thing that hit me was the aroma. It was like diving headfirst into a tropical fruit basket with musky lemon and sweet cherry hints. The buds themselves? Pure art. They had this frosty appearance, almost like they’d been kissed by the first snow of winter. But when you looked closer, you could see these deep purple hues dancing with bright green, like some botanical ballet.

I’ve been around the block a few times regarding strains, but Haupia? It was like nothing I’d ever tried before. The initial hit was a burst of that musky lemon. Still, as it settled, this creamy undertone was almost like… coconut? It was wild. And the effects? Oh boy. It was like my brain had suddenly decided to take a spa day. Everything was clear, calm, and oh-so-focused.

Here’s how I’d break it down:

  • Flavor: Musky lemon with a creamy coconut finish. Like a tropical desert in smoke form. 9/10
  • Effects: Clear-headed, focused, and just the right amount of euphoria. 8.5/10
  • Duration: The clarity lasted a good couple of hours, with the relaxation stretching out even longer. 9/10
  • Overall Experience: Honestly? It’s one of the best strains I’ve tried in a while. 9/10

Would I recommend Haupia? In a heartbeat. It’s not just a strain; it’s an experience. And if you’re looking to take a mini-vacation without leaving your couch, this might be your ticket.

Where to Buy?

This strain is rare and specific, and it is not easy to find it in the public domain. A large number of varieties are grown throughout the states. The main territory for growing, collecting, and selling is Colorado. We import this strain from this state to our store in Los Angeles. If you are not in California, you can order free online delivery to any state without restrictions. Check out our variety of weed.