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Apple Banana Gelato Strain Review

Apple banana gelato strain

General Characteristic

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Apple Banana Gelato Strain Info

When you hear “Apple Banana Gelato,” your mind might wander to a tropical desert. Still, in the cannabis realm, it’s a name that resonates with potency, flavour, and a rich genetic lineage. This hybrid strain is a masterful creation by the innovative minds at Lit Farms, and it’s not just any hybrid; it’s a harmonious blend of Indica and Sativa worlds.

The backbone of Apple Banana Gelato lies in its parent strains. On one side, we have the Apples and Bananas strain, an Indica-dominant marvel birthed from the union of Blue Power and Gelatti. This strain alone brings a rich tapestry of flavours and effects. On the other side, there’s Gelato #41, a child of the iconic Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies. The Gelato lineage is renowned for its dessert-like flavours and robust effects, and the #41 variant is no exception.

Merging these two powerhouses wasn’t just about creating a new strain but crafting a cannabis experience. The result? Apple Banana Gelato is a strain that tantalizes the senses with its luscious apple and ripe banana flavours while delivering a balanced high that caters to both the body and mind. It’s not just a strain; it’s a testament to the art of cannabis breeding, showcasing what’s possible when you combine the best of the best.

THC content: 17%.

History of creation

The story of Apple Banana Gelato begins in the greenhouses of Lit Farms, a name synonymous with innovation and expertise in the cannabis breeding world. The breeders at Lit Farms, always on the hunt for the next big thing, envisioned a strain that would stand out, not just in flavour but in its genetic makeup.

It was in the early 2020s when the idea first took root. The team at Lit Farms had been experimenting with the Apples and Bananas strain, a luscious Indica-dominant hybrid known for its unique flavour profile, derived from the union of Blue Power and Gelatti. On the other side of the spectrum was Gelato #41, a strain that had already made waves in the cannabis community thanks to its parentage of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies.

The challenge? Combine these two different varieties into a single, unparalleled one. The breeders meticulously cross-pollinated, selecting only the best phenotypes that exhibited the desired traits. It was a process of trial and error, of patience and passion. After countless iterations and careful nurturing, the Apple Banana Gelato strain was born.

Its name pays homage to its rich lineage, capturing the essence of its parent strains. But beyond its name, Apple Banana Gelato is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the breeders at Lit Farms, showcasing their commitment to pushing the boundaries of cannabis genetics.


In the vast world of cannabis, where new strains emerge almost daily, it takes something special to stand out. Apple Banana Gelato is one such strain that has made its mark and become a sensation in its own right.

From the bustling streets of Los Angeles to the serene coastlines of Miami, Apple Banana Gelato has become a household name among cannabis connoisseurs. Its rapid ascent to stardom can be attributed to its unique flavour profile, a delightful blend of crisp apple and creamy banana, complemented by the rich undertones of its Gelato lineage.

But it’s not just the flavour that’s got everyone talking. The balanced high, a dance between cerebral euphoria and deep relaxation, has made it a favourite for recreational and medicinal users. Social media platforms are abuzz with rave reviews, with many users sharing their delightful experiences, from creative bursts to moments of introspection.

Growing and Cultivation Conditions

Growing cannabis is an art, and Apple Banana Gelato is a masterpiece requiring finesse and attention to detail. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or a newbie looking to dip your toes into the cannabis cultivation world, this guide will help you navigate the journey of growing Apple Banana Gelato.

Seeds: Start your journey by acquiring feminized Apple Banana Gelato seeds from a reputable seed bank. Feminized seeds ensure that you’ll be growing female plants, which are the ones that produce the coveted buds.

Climate: Apple Banana Gelato thrives in a Mediterranean-like climate with mild temperatures and moderate humidity. Aim for a spot with ample sunlight and good air circulation if you’re growing outdoors. For indoor cultivation, maintain a daytime temperature between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit and ensure night temperatures don’t drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor vs. Outdoor: While Apple Banana Gelato can flourish indoors and outdoors, indoor cultivation provides better control over environmental variables, ensuring optimal growth. If you’re growing outdoors, plant the seeds post the frosty spring season and ensure the chosen spot receives at least six hours of direct sunlight daily.

Flowering Time: The flowering window for Apple Banana Gelato is approximately 8 to 9 weeks. During this time, the plant will develop its buds, and you’ll start to see the beautiful hues of light greens and purples that characterize this strain.

Cultivation Tips:

  • Maintain humidity levels between 40% and 60% during the vegetative stage and reduce this to 30% to 40% as the plant enters the flowering stage.
  • Be vigilant about potential pests and mould. A clean, well-ventilated growing area can help prevent these issues.
  • Regularly prune the lower leaves to ensure the plant directs its energy towards the buds.

Remember, patience is key. With the right care and attention, your Apple Banana Gelato plants will flourish, rewarding you with a bountiful harvest of potent, flavorful buds.


The effects of Apple Banana Gelato are a delightful balance of relaxation and euphoria. This strain is known for its ability to soothe the mind and body while also uplifting the mood.

– Relaxation

– Euphoria

– Creativity

– Focus

– Happiness

The initial onset of effects is a gentle wave of relaxation that washes over the body, followed by a burst of euphoria and creativity. As the effects progress, a sense of focus and happiness sets in, making it an ideal strain for daytime use or social gatherings.


The flavor profile of Apple Banana Gelato is a delicious blend of sweet and fruity notes, with a creamy finish.

– Apple

– Banana

– Creamy

– Sweet

– Fruity

Upon inhale, the sweet and fruity flavors of apple and banana are the most prominent, followed by a creamy finish that lingers on the palate. This combination of flavors makes Apple Banana Gelato a truly enjoyable strain for those who appreciate a well-rounded and flavorful smoking experience.


The aroma of Apple Banana Gelato is quite captivating, featuring a dominant sweet and fruity scent, with hints of creaminess.

– Sweet

– Fruity

– Creamy

– Apple

– Banana

The initial aroma is a burst of sweet and fruity fragrances, reminiscent of a freshly baked apple and banana pie. As the buds are broken apart and smoked, the creamy nuances become more pronounced, adding a layer of richness to the overall aroma.


The appearance of Apple Banana Gelato is quite striking, featuring dense and compact buds with a rich green color and a generous coating of trichomes.

– Dense buds

– Compact

– Rich green color

– Generous coating of trichomes

– Orange hairs

The buds are densely packed and compact, with a rich green color that is accentuated by a generous coating of trichomes. The presence of orange hairs adds a touch of vibrancy to the overall appearance of the buds.

Personal Experience with Apple Banana Gelato Strain

Smoking apple banana gelato strain on the Christmas Eve

The holiday season was in full swing, and I found myself at my cabin with my girlfriend, surrounded by the serene beauty of winter. It was Christmas Eve, and the world outside was blanketed in fresh snow, the perfect backdrop for a cosy night in. We had decided to escape the city’s chaos and spend the holiday in the tranquillity of nature. And what better way to enhance the experience than with a jar of Apple Banana Gelato, a strain I had been saving for such an occasion?

As the sun set and the stars began to twinkle in the night sky, I cracked open the jar, and the cabin was immediately filled with the enchanting aroma of fresh apples, ripe bananas, and a hint of earthy lavender. It was as if the spirit of Christmas had been captured in a jar.

We settled down by the fireplace, and I rolled us a joint. The first drag was a symphony of flavors, a dance of luscious apple, creamy banana, and subtle hints of lavender and pine. It was like taking a bite out of a festive fruit pie, with the warmth of the fireplace adding to the ambience.

As the effects started to kick in, a wave of relaxation washed over us. It was a gentle embrace, a soothing balm for the soul. Our minds were clear, and we found ourselves reminiscing about the year, sharing our hopes and dreams for the future. It was a moment of connection, of being present in the moment and appreciating the simple joys of life.

As the night wore on, we found ourselves wrapped in a blanket of serenity, the gentle buzz of Apple Banana Gelato lulling us into a peaceful slumber. It was a Christmas to remember, and Apple Banana Gelato was the perfect companion for a night of reflection and connection.

  • My Personal Grade for Apple Banana Gelato:
  • Aroma: 9/10
  • Flavor: 10/10
  • Effects: 9/10
  • Appearance: 9/10
  • Overall Experience: 9/10

Where to Buy?

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