About us

Today it is very difficult to find stuff of good quality. Especially if we are speaking about e-commerce. Our main goal is a safe, fast and first class access to weed products for each customer in the US with the first quality weed products.

In our online store you can find top shelf marijuana products such as weed flowers, THC cartridges of different brands, a lot of accessories. Also you can find top shelf prerolls, blunts and edibles with high percentage of THC inside. All our products are lab tested.

How we work

We deliver in each state in the US and usually delivery takes 3-5 days. You can always track your order with the help of tracking code which we will send you after your order will be ready to ship. Free delivery, high standards, user friendly interface and 24/7 working online customer service, that's all you can find on highvendor.com Feel free to contact us at any time.